Workshops - Sharing the magic 


Cast your own spell...

My favourite workshop! Imagine candles, fairy lights and the power to cast your own spell, setting true intentions from the heart allowing the universe to make its offering.  Everything you need to cast your spell will be waiting for you when you arrive, you will also leave with your witches goodie bag ready to continue your spell journey at home.  I have had many guests delighted by how quickly their spells worked.  

This workshop is a wonderful way to feel the power of people coming together and the magic swell through the room.

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Living by the Moon

Learn how to use the power of the moon's cycle to amplify your own.  Stop fighting against mother nature, embrace it all.

Workshop & access to our exclusive Moon Coven 

Moon Gazing

Reiki Level 1

Learn to heal yourself using ancient healing energy.

Reiki is all around us and is available to everyone to heal, rebalance and empower themselves. 

Join me for a workshop, learning the important principles of Reiki and how to embrace these principles within your everyday life. 

With extended study post course, you will be able to receive your attunement allowing you to be open to work with Reiki energy for your own journey. 

Pile of stones