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Spell Candles

As our lives are very busy and it’s not always possible to create an altar for casting your spells, I have developed the convenient modern alternative, a spell in a candle.

All candles are hand poured in my own kitchen and garden under the light of the full moon and the smoke of a very special spell. Candles are individual in the way the moon has dominated the cooling process and is ready, filled with intentions to bring you luck and success. 

They are so simple to use, as you light it set your own intentions, repeat them to yourself 3 times.  Allow the subtle smell of the magic to fill the air and linger long after you have blown the candle out reminding you that the spell is hard at work.

My favourite thing about spell candles is that you get the opportunity to reaffirm your intentions each and every time you light it.

May you enjoy the gorgeous smell and trust in the age-old magic of spells. 

Candle stock include the following spells:

A Spell for Strength and New Beginnings

A Spell for Luck and Success

A Spell for Prosperity and Good Fortune 


Candles retail at £30 +PP,  please visit my shop and join my mailing list to stay up to date with product information and stock availability.

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