The Magic of Sage

I really love receiving questions from you all, today I give you a little more information about sage and smudging... Hope it's useful.

The use of sage in rituals and ceremonies has been around for 1000's of years and is a beautiful simply way manage energy.

It's believed that burning sage before rituals can help to remove negative energy and restore balance. I talk of rituals, please remember that just about everything you do is a ritual in its own way. I use sage for so many reasons, for example; after cleaning, before meditating, before yoga, after spending a long time on my laptop. At any time I need to feel an energy reset.

The sage can lower vibrations, negative thoughts and even clear tension between people.... pretty magical right!!

There are several options for smudging with sage. I use two sorts, white sage and blue sage and wanted to explain my take on the difference.

Blue Sage -

Blue sage is often referred to as Grandmother's sage and is used for healing and blessing. I use blue sage to use as part of a cleaning ritual when someone has been poorly and for when I am sending distance Reiki healing. It is more woody than the white sage and has a floral scent to it.

White Sage

White Sage is used for cleansing, both yourselves, a room or material items. The smell is stronger and lingers for sometime. I love white sage after a good clean, before I cast spells, read cards, practice yoga, after a disagreement, a bad day, a bad dream, to cleanse my crystals. I also use white sage when I am bringing new items in to the house, to "clean off" the outside world.

The feeling of the energy change after smudging with sage is something really special and can be a little addictive. Which is personally fine, unless you face the small issue I have in that the children and husband are NOT FANS of the smell :)

How to Smudge Yourself & a Space

Please keep asking questions, if I can help, I will.

Lots of Love and blessings

Clare xxx

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