Thank you to the wonderful Heather @tonic-yoga

Such a pleasure to join you for this evenings Nidra and offer some of my crystal healing.

Tonights crystal grid was set with rose quartz and aventurine to send loving healing for your heart chakra. Mixed with my favourite Moonstone for yours heart‘a wishes to come true under tonight’s New Moon.

Meditating with these crystals gave me such strong responses from you, moments of tears, tightenings in my tummy and tweaks in my back. On each rotation of the grid the energy from the crystals cleared getting stronger and stronger. It was wonderful!

For each of you I have personally charged a piece of moonstone which will remain out this evening under the light of the New Moon. This crystal will bring you strength in your dreams and wishes , offering opportunities of transformation.

The crystals will continue to send you healing all evening , if you would like to purchase your individual crystal you can so for £3.

Please click over in to my store to confirm your purchases.

It was a true pleasure


Clare xxx

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