Reflections and Love from Cornwall

Dearest all,

I wanted to touch base with you all on this very sunny day, having just returned from my Cornish holiday I am quickly back in to the grind of chores and admin. So I am pressing pause for a few moments share my thoughts with you.

When I was in Cornwall I was blessed to share the most magical of full moons with my Mum, many of you will has seen my excitable video on IGTV in my attempt to share the view.

Never before have I seen a moon so bright and clear in the sky, it was a true moment of re connection. Re connection with my mind, my spirit, my Mother and the moon, it was beautiful!

The important moment for me here was that I was not surrounding by things, my ritual was high tech or filled with glamour, we were wind swept and I was struggling to keep my blue candle alight. We blessed our cards, we blessed each other and our lives and then silently we let go of all the things that no longer serve us.

As we got up too leave and walk back along the cliff to our home, 3 wild white ponies came towards us. We knew they were in the field but hadn't seen them until now, the ponies were glowing on the back drop of the night. Almost like unicorns, they seemed to disappear as quickly as they appeared.

I laughed with a hint of fear, my Mum said to be "Just breathe, they are not here to hurt you" With a heartbeat all three ponies galloped past, so close that I could feel the breeze as they went. It felt like a true moment of magic.

I believe there is magic to find every day, signs to remind us of our connection to Mother Nature and to see how beautiful the world is. So I make a promise to myself , right now to make time to reconnect, take my shoes off on the grass, count the butterflies, listen to the breeze through the tree. It doesn't matter how or what just that we do.

If you too feel like the chores and life admin are outweighing the moments of magic, join me as we find those moments together.

Upload your pics and hashtag #thekitchenwitchmagicmoments

Lots of Love & Blessings

Clare xxx

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