New Moon Wishes

Thank you so much for joining me at this evening New Moon Ritual, I truly love sharing it with you and hope it offers you something to take away with you ready for your own rituals.

If you missed our Live then please have a quick Look on Instagram 💕.

Tonights spell was made by Eliza and myself and it contained a number of herbs and spices to help with courage, new beginnings, luck and herbs to remove blockages. We mixed it up this afternoon , giving Eliza the chance to add her own magical wishes and then for me to add mine during the ritual. The full spell ingredients are shown in the photo below.

Have fun with your wishes, be brave and be bold, say them out loud under the power of the new moon and the smoke of a very special spell

Don’t forget to write your new moon wishes down, so we can look back and appreciate how the universe interpreted our dreams and how they were delivered to us.

Stay Safe, stay grateful and always trust in the universe .

You know where I am if you have any questions

Love & Blessings



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