A Witchy Weekend

I am so very happy, truly my heart space is full of love and gratitude for my experience this weekend.

This weekend was the first (of many 🤞🏻) Witch Retreats, a chance to take a group of ladies away, to encourage & guide them along their spiritual paths. It has been a dream of mine for a long time now, as many of you know I have worked with the gorgeous Heather for the last few years adding my witchy holistic sprinkle to her incredibly successful yoga retreats. This time we went full witch with sprinkles of Heathers yogi magic.

That dream, became a reality and crashed through the ceiling of all my expectations. 12 women arrived, some not knowing anyone else, when those 12 women left, they left as a coven.

The opened their hearts and their minds as we dived in to spells, demonstrated personal powers with psychic work and welcomed the new moon in with a beautiful ceremony. This group of women, the first of many covens are a set of very powerful witches.

Now I have stood in my power as a witch for a long time now, I was surprised or perhaps reminded a few days before our retreat that there is still so much stigma around the word Witch.

How was I reminded? By the very group of beautiful souls whom were booked on to the Witches Retreat, as I witnessed a conversation unfold on a group chat around not telling loved ones exactly what they were up to and a consensus of "Not being out of the broom cupboard". The conversation filled me with fascination, as they shared their stories as to what they had told family & friends. It was here I knew I had much work to do.

For me the word Witch, is about being proud to stand in my power, to connect to Mother Nature and the higher powers waiting to assist us. To trust and to guide, to explore and to simplify our busy lives.

After 2 days of workshops, meditations and a lot of bonding with likeminded women, I asked them all what the word witch meant now, what I got back brought tears to my eyes.



🔮Wise Women of Love




🔮My Inner me

🔮Herbalism to help others



I had tears in my eyes as they shared these positive words. We closed our weekend standing in our power telling to the universe Why we are witches… the tears were now all over my face… these women arrived excited by the unknown, they left excited to be witches and ready to continue their journey.

My next 2022 retreat venue is booked and already the plans are busily in place to create more magical experiences and opportunities to learn.

I stand in my power knowing my path is to love, teach and nurture .

Thank you , Thank you, Thank you, Thank you xxx