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The Kitchen Witch UK, is my way of sharing a little bit of the magic with you all.  Through workshops , spells candles and rituals I hope to inspire others to step in to the world of magic, listen to your intuition and not be afraid to ask the universe for what you want.

I also love to share my psychic medium gift with you all, in both private readings and platform.


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Upcoming Events

  • Shakti Yoga
    Fri, 25 Jun
    Great Ashby Community Resource Centre
    25 Jun, 19:45
    Great Ashby Community Resource Centre, Whitehorse Ln, Stevenage SG1 6NH, UK
    A flowing evening of connecting to our Goddess, enjoying the magic of movement and allowing ourselves to be free in the moment . When yoga meet later dance , Goddesses are found .
  • Moon Witches - Teen Circle
    Sun, 27 Jun
    27 Jun, 16:00
    A positive and safe circle for our teens to explore spells, the moon and their own manifestation powers.
  • The Women's Circle
    Wed, 21 Jul
    21 Jul, 19:30 GMT-4 – 22 Jul, 21:00 GMT-4
    Stevenage, High St, Stevenage SG1 3AZ, UK
    When women come together really special things happen.

About Me

During my journey of discovery, I have learnt so much from the wise women who came before us. In time when there was a need to trust that Mother Nature had the answers herbs and spices were used as medicine and as ingredients in protection spells.  When we trusted the moon, seasons and natures cycles and celebrated our inner power.  

The power of the universe and the power within you should not be underestimated.  Believe in your intentions and ask the universe to support you.


Events & Workshops

My Products


My Online Shop

I love creating and sharing my magical products with you all, the original line being my Full Moon Spell Candles.  Candles made under he magical light of the full moon and the smoke of a very special spell. My option of us modern witches to cast spells without needing her cauldron. 

I have created the rituals collections, to help bring witches magic to all your ceremonies and finally my Aura Sprays.  Beautiful smelling sprays to adjust your aura energy or the energy in a room.  


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Questions, comments, requests? Feel free to reach out. I’d love to hear from you.

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